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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Seattle Sound - Comedy Bands Sidebar

Comedy bands have been around longer than you have. Ray Stevens. Weird Al. Spike Jones (the guy from the '30's, not the director). Here's a look at three acts that make old hat hilarious again.

God's Pottery
Gideon and Jeremiah first met at Christ Our Leader College when they were paired as freshman roommates. By the time graduation arrived, the boys were ready to try their hand at making it as a band. Satirically tackling religious issues through song, Gideon and Jeremiah play coffee-house acoustic music as though your very soul depended on it. And it does. Info.

Tenacious D
Do you really need an introduction to the greatest band in the world? Jack Black and Kyle Gass, the two-headed manta ray of rock, started writing and performing their sweet, catchy odes to friendship, Lee, and hard fucking after meeting in a sketch comedy group in the early '90s. From such humble beginnings, Tenacious D would eventually rise to take its rightful place at Clapton's right hand. Info.

Stephen Lynch

A TV and radio staple, Steven Lynch is a sweetly-voiced singer-songwriter who happens to write and sing about hookers, transexuals, corruption of the young and innocent, gerbils, and priests. With more hooks than a J.M. Barrie notebook, Lynch's songs are the kind you can't sing in public, but can't get out of your head. Info.


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