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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Resonance - Deerhoof Sidebar

Tracking Deerhoof’s back-catalog

Return of the Wood M'Lady (1995)

Deerhoof's first single. Recorded and released by guitarist Rob Fisk and drummer Greg Saunier, the 7" balanced white-noise cacophony against melody and structure.

The Man, The King, The Girl (1997)

This marks the first full-length appearance of Satomi Matsuzaki with a focus on discordant blues jams and left-field math pop.

Holdypaws (1999)

Keyboardist Kelly Goode joins and lightens up the heavy bass, drum and guitar sound—more melody, less noise, strangely superb.

Halfbird (2001)

Recorded on a four-track cassette before the addition of Goode, the songs hearken back to early Deerhoof, with noisy explorations butting up against more accessible indie-pop.

Reveille (2002)

Equally famous for the absence of Goode and Fisk (who were replaced by guitarist John Dieterich) as the music—no small feat considering the soft beauty bristling above the harsh guitar and electronic textures.

Apple O' (2003)

Second guitarist Chris Cohen joins the line-up, adding extra electricity to the shambling pop melodies, squeaky-sweet vocals, and galumphing drum rhythms.

Milk Man (2004)

The best received of Deerhoof's albums, perhaps explained by the band's growing accessibility, however hidden beneath discordant post-rock, slivered lullabies, and jazz-instructed instrumentals.

Bibidi Babidi Boo (2004)

Free, Internet-only, and the first document of Deerhoof's live destruction—hardly a great album, but worth noting for the included Peel Sessions, featuring Matsuzaki on drums.
The Runners Four (2005)

A true guitar-rock album, marrying psych-pop melodies to short, dense songs, and wrapping everything in brain-rending vocals and six-string heroics.


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