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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Disheveled - Showcase at Mr. Spot's Chai House

Showcase at Mr. Spots Chai House

Mr. Spot’s Chai House is located in the body of Ballard, a colorful and comfortable place to enjoy a cuppa chai and/or pint of beer.

And if that wasn’t enough, Everstone’s Victor Funklove books live music there. Such was the case when four bands took the stage and the floor.

Great Guy started off the show by jumping onstage in a full spandex costume that left little to the imagination, topped with cape and cowl.

Although he punctuated his set with crimefighting stories and beat haiku, he came out as a strong songwriter, albeit one who writes about pants, chopping off heads, and people he’s never met. Should Seattle’s criminals ever fade into the night, Great Guy could have a promising future.

Cherry Blossoms at Night then took the stage with a quietly beautiful set of literary-pop.

Lead singer Becky Shapiro claimed it was the band’s first show, but you never would have known from their sweet reinterpretation of “Love in the Time of Cholera”, or their sticky pop riffs.

Of course whatever pop reverie you might have been enjoying was immediately kidnapped and tickled by Bob and the Dangerous Brothers. Fronted by a man in a Janet Reno dress, Bob and the Dangerous Brothers is more an experience than a show, especially if you sit in throwing distance of stuffed animals or the titular Bob. Within 20 seconds of the opening song, the band had overturned most of the tables within swinging distance and had broken at least one glass. Things just got better from there.

Unfortunately Disheveled had to leave before Reset could end the night, but from the looks of the band (skull caps and painted eye masks) the audience was in good hands.


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